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phogg's Journal

Luna Sea
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Honesty is the best policy, yet there are things I'm hiding from you all.

First in my life comes my son Raziel and my husband, Gregg. Then my family, cats and friends. Hurt any of them and you'll quickly learn that my even tempered, wouldn't harm a fly persona has flown the coop.
I'm not a fan of violence. However, sometimes a firm hand is necessary.

I'm a miserable failure at long distance friendsips. I love learning, studying and intelligent discussion. I have a problem with individuals who insist their view be respected, yet can't handle the concept of accepting someone else's views. Is this hard? Yeah. When some supremacist is shouting "White Power" in your face, it's awfull hard to not deck said ass, but, Hey, that's his view. He's as entitled to his view as I am of my view that he's an ass.

I have a passionate enjoyment of studying occult and pagan subjects that has been going on for at least ten years. I know someday, I'll find the right path for me, but it turns out... I'm picky and I will not idly jump onto the newest and coolest bandwagon.

*I've given it some thought, and the whole "Threefold Law" of magical return... bullshit. That nixes just about all Wiccan groups.

*"An it harm none...". Again. I don't think so. Name one thing that doesn't harm anything. For me, it's all based on need, balancing personal comfort with the matter at hand, fallback on you and loved ones, etc. It's a personal choice. If I have a chance to help my little brother by 'harming' a threat to him, you sure as hell better believe I will. Screw the Rede. I don't buy it anyway.

I keep my search for a path separate from my interest in Goetic spirits. I don't believe the two to be interchangable.

I have four cats who are dear to me. Phogg, Moosetache, Pharoah and 'Gator.

Much of my time is spent caring for my son and workng on my home, which is in an almost constant state of remodel. When time allows, I eagerly look forward to jumping back into learning tattoo.