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24th-Jan-2009 01:31 pm - Workers
Driving in Capitola yesterday, I saw a sight that set my teeth on edge.  At the risk of pissing people off, I'm sharing and not apologizing for my outrage.

Driving past the hardware store where the illegal day workers hang, waiting to be picked up, I noticed that the number of US citizen types, had finally surpassed the number of non US.  Clean cut... the kind of guys we have had here at the house, working on our plumbing and wiring.
Now... I don't care what your nationality is, what the color of your skin is... if you're a citizen here in this country and you can't get work because it's going to someone here illegally, the system is broken.  If employers are choosing illegal labor because they can get away with paying them criminally low wages, the system is broken.
If every citizen who wants to be working is employed and there's still work to be done, sure... bring in outside workers, but when an American citizen (black, white, brown, yellow, red, green, magenta... whatever) is left standing holding a sign reading "Any Work for $$$" while a truck pulls away having picked up the cheap, illegal labor, the system is fucking broken.
20th-Jan-2009 02:12 pm - Reflecting
Just some thoughts on the Inauguration this morning...
Obama was flawless.  Not quite on par with Garrison Keillor , but I could happily listen to him talk for quite a while. That man sure can speak and he's just dripping with charisma.  On the cynical side... the same thing could be said equally  for the Ayatollah Khomeini, Fidel Castro, Mohandas Ghandhi and John F. Kennedy.  All reportedly charismatic speakers, good and bad.  I hope Obama's actions speak as well for him as his words.

Elizabeth Alexander, the poet for the Inauguration, was painful to listen to.  A sharp contrast to Obama, this woman should avoid public speaking.  She sounded like a second grader.  I sat here and felt nothing but embarrassment for her.

And I was only actually annoyed once... at the very end of Rev. Lowery's benediction, when he said "We ask you to help us work for that day when black will not be asked to get back, when brown can stick around, when yellow will be mellow, when the red man can get ahead, man, and when white will embrace what is right".  Ahhhh, yes.  Gawd bless America, where it's totally fine for a 'minority' to spout racist BS.  Please... let us pray for a day when I, as a person with white skin, can finally embrace what is right.  I won't even get into the rest of that little ditty.  A big, huge "Bite Me" to the good Reverend.

20th-Jan-2009 12:57 pm - Underpants and Weather
So, Rozz has now gone two nights in a row sans Pull-ups and woken with a dry bed.  Hooray!
He has, however, been quite adverse to the concept of underwear.  Both sets of grandparents have purchased underdrawers for him... one set ranging from dinosaurs to camouflage and the other with Lightning McQueen.  Both sets met first with vague interest which quickly turned to scorn.  Left me scratching my head.  I thought they were cute.
So, in light of the potty trained achievement, I figured I'd take him shopping and let him choose some underpants.  And there, I discovered the problem.  He wanted nothing to do with skivvies that had 'cute' little pictures or designs on them.  No cartoon characters.  Nothing.  He was only interested in solid colors or very simple stripes.  Those of you who don't have little boys won't be aware of this... I wasn't 'till today... but it is basically impossible hard to find solid colored boy's knickers in his size.  And I have a personal loathing of tighty whiteys and will not see my little boy's Perfect Butt in such atrocious things.  We ended up with 3 pair of these, but I fear they'll still be a bit too large.  It's a start, I suppose.  They're in the wash right now.

So, while I was out today, I was horrified by the weather.  We're still in January and it feels like Summer outside.  It has for days.  Bright, sunny and warm.  Not a cloud in the sky.  We drove past the reservoir yesterday and it was woefully low.  This time of year, it should be full... trees partially submerged, but no.  I think we're in for a rough year.  ::sigh::  Oh... wait... President Change is in power now!  Hrmmmmm...
Dear Mr. President... please use your amazing Powers to open up the heavens and send California the rain it desperately needs.  Amen.

19th-Jan-2009 07:00 pm(no subject)
WOooo!!!!  Yes we can!!!
I can't wait 'till tomorrow!  Santa Cruz will be the most awesome place EVER, because we have So Many Good Liberals, and tomorrow, when The Savior takes over and Changes Everything and makes the world a beautiful place where the environment is the Top Priority and gays can marry and life will be HAPPY and perfect, then all the Good Liberals will shoot rainbows and sunshine out their asses, so The Savior can recognize his True Followers.  Yay!!!

::palms forehead::

Call me cynical, but I don't buy the hype.  I'd be saying the same thing regardless of who was taking the reins tomorrow.  Well, unless that someone was Ron Paul, but he wanted to overhaul the entire system.  The Glorious Savior and The Loser... more of the same old thing dressed up in shiny new clothes and fancy new platitudes. 
I hope I'm wrong.
I pray I'm wrong.
From the bottom of my soul I WANT to be wrong.
But I'm not holding my breath.
14th-Jan-2009 05:26 pm - Moms
For the Mom-types out there... the Mom salary wizard.  How much would it cost to replace you?
11th-Jan-2009 01:18 pm - Sharing
I have an acquaintance who shared a story about a local (to her) biker group who runs an animal rescue project.  They just pulled 150 kitties from a foreclosed home.  This picture came from the event and I had to share.  Old tough guy looking sweet... young kitten looking tough.

10th-Jan-2009 04:17 pm - Christmas Morning
Just wanted to share a pic of the kids on Christmas morning.  Also shown, my brother, Jonnathan.  Frickin' handsome dude.  Really sweet and considerate, one of the funniest guys EVER, hard worker, smart, the best guy with kids on the planet (Seriously... babies and kids of all ages adore him like a god)... but habitually single.  I don't think he's ever been in a steady relationship and he just turned 22.  I don't get it.

23rd-Dec-2008 01:09 am - *peek*
Still not feeling terribly social, but found this via batty and had to pass it along.
So, the chica isn't the most graceful girl on a pole, but she has some great strength and control AND, best of all, has discovered a fabulous tool to train her out of being distracted by external sources...
May or may not be work safe.  No nudity... just scant clothing.

12th-Dec-2008 12:37 am - Silence
FYI... I'll be silent here for a bit.  I'm just ignoring the world until it doesn't seem like such a shitty place.
3rd-Dec-2008 03:57 pm - Hrmmm...
Cat totally freaking out.  Running around like crazy and meowing in a very frantic manner.
Rozz finds this hysterical.
It makes me wonder... earthquake maybe?
Anyone else with odder than normal pets today?
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