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Annoyed and Worried 
29th-Apr-2009 04:18 pm
When organizations like the WHO declare things like Stage 5 threat levels and while there's only one death in the US so far, we should expect many more, people who struggle with paranoia like I do have to work hard to not Completely Freak Out.  Paranoia makes things painfully difficult.  I have to try to take a step back and ask myself if my worry is normal or induced by a mental issue. 

Does it make sense to keep Rozz out of school?  It seems like a large percentage of the US cases were spread between students at schools.  And kids are Notoriously bad about covering their mouths when they cough or sneeze.  And Rozz.... he touches everything, hugs everybody at schools and is terrible about putting his hands in his mouth.  Just in the past thirty minutes I've told him to get his hands out of his mouth half a dozen times.  He's not in school for learning at this point... it's just socialization so it's not like keeping him home is going to put him behind in studies.  And the damn Swine Flu is here in Northern/Central California now.

I know this is made even more difficult right now because a friend just lost a child.  And when someone's child dies, it really forces you to look at the love you hold for your own children and how difficult losing them would be.  Is it worth it to even risk it?  Parents have to make calculated risks.  And I'm not liking this risk at all.

Ugh.  Think with me for a moment about the spread of flu viri.  It occurs largely because people take their sick selves out in public.  Send sick kids to school.  Go to work sick.  Oftentimes without even knowing they're sick yet.  Common incubation periods are on average five days.  After first showing signs of illness, the viral shedding period (when you're highly contagious) is at it's peak for anywhere from five to seven days.  So, basically, if we wanted to get this under control, it would take a month of people being ultra cautious about going out.
And closing our borders.
Why our borders are still open is beyond me.  Yeah... let's continue to let infected individuals into the country and allow people to cross the border and risk infecting themselves and bringing it home.  What.  The.  Fuck.
Janet Napolitano said about border control, that each additional measure added at the border could create "huge economic disruption."  Ahhh... because disease and potential loss of life mean little in the face of losing money.  So long as we continue on our current path of "Do nothing to disrupt the flow of money and don't inconvenience anybody" this bug will continue to spread.
30th-Apr-2009 12:23 am (UTC)
You know the death was a Mexican kid, brought from after having been in fected in, Mexico. Not that that trivializes it any, but none of the US cases have been fatal.

And, from what I've read from you, Rozz seems to catch everything. Ianno... I'd seriously consider keeping him home, if things get a hair worse.
30th-Apr-2009 12:46 am (UTC)
Yeah... I heard that the kid who died was from Mexico. And that's the thing... how many people were potentially infected by that kid? Every single case risks the spread of this exponentially. That's what leaves me wondering why we keep allowing more potential infections from Mexico to happen.

And Rozz does catch everything. And a cold that gives most kids a mild fever hits him at 104*, settles in his lungs and even when he's 'over' with being sick, he coughs for months. Many of the deaths, including the one in Texas, were because the virus developed into pneumonia. People who are more susceptible to illness are more likely to have a problem with this.
30th-Apr-2009 12:47 am (UTC)
Knowing this, I would err on the side of caution. *nod*
30th-Apr-2009 03:25 am (UTC)
Many of the deaths, including the one in Texas, were because the virus developed into pneumonia. People who are more susceptible to illness are more likely to have a problem with this.

you partner up probable malnutrition, traveling long distances, inadequate care when symptoms show, is it any wonder the mexican kid died? most of mexico is not a day spa by any standards. sleeping in hovels and eating crap would make anyone susceptible to a flu.
30th-Apr-2009 04:40 am (UTC)
When the number of U.S. swine flu deaths in a day surpasses the number of normal flu deaths I'll think you're not being paranoid, and we'll talk seriously about my not going in to work and Rozz not going to school

For now, even if you count the Mexican kid in Houston as a U.S. death, normal flu is up a couple hundred deaths a day.
30th-Apr-2009 11:35 am (UTC)
Agreed. What's the average flu death count per year in the US? Over 30K or someodd, right? This one has... 150. Lame by comparison really.
30th-Apr-2009 02:22 pm (UTC)
I'm all for getting the vaccination when it becomes available, though. But we have to be careful... last time the swine flu was going around, the vaccination killed more people than the flu did...
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