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Luna Sea
Nightmare Dentist Day 
19th-Feb-2009 02:24 pm
Normal kid dentist day for Rozz today.  He hadn't been since our dental coverage changed, so I had to set up a new patient appointment.  We picked the Children's Dental Center in San Jose... an hour away but one of the 2 nearest Pediatric dentists to us.  Now, I grew up in LA county and used to be on good terms with my town's local homeless population, so it takes a bit to unnerve me.  This place... I didn't want to get out of the car.  I doubted my car would even be there when I came back if I left it... but I had an appointment, so I went.

Inside the building was awesome... done up like a movie theater with a MASSIVE flat screen showing kids movies... about a dozen small tvs with PS2s set up with kid friendly video games.  Brightly painted walls, floor and and ceiling.  Rozz loved it.  It was super cool.
I signed in for the appointment and started in on the paperwork.  The desk girl called me over and said that my insurance didn't go through.  This puzzled me, as I had spoken with Delta Dental just the day before.  I confirmed, "It didn't go through with this ::points:: number and birthdate?"  Yeah.  That's the number I gave them.  She's getting huffy.  I talk her into calling Delta again, and sure enough, the insurance goes through fine.

So... we wait.  And wait and wait.  Finally, we're taken back to the dental room.  Which is one huge room with a row of about 10 purple dental chairs just a couple feet apart from each other.  No partitions at all.  Most of the chairs contains kids kids.  Many contain screaming kids, being held down while people shine lights on them and do noisy things in their faces.  Raziel froze.  The assistant leads us to a little alcove where they do the x-rays... and she keeps referring to Rozz as "Baby" despite him politely explaining to her that he's not a baby.  She picks him up, puts him in the chair and drapes the lead blanket across him.  She then comes toward him with the little plastic bite-it things.  Rozz closes his eyes, turns his head to his shoulder and Will Not so much as acknowledge anything around him.  The previous scene of purple-chair-child-torture has assured a total lack of co-operation.  I should note that though she's wearing protective gloves, the girl is continually touching her hair, which appears to have not been washed in a while.  At this point, another assistant hands her some papers and says she needs to go help someone else now, so Rozz and I are moved to a different waiting area with a fabulous view of all the screaming kids in their chairs.  Raziel gets more and more anxious as the moments pass.  I arrived there at 11:40am.  At 1:15 I left without a single person glimpsing his teeth.  I stopped by the front desk and explained that we just didn't have any more time to wait around and to make sure the appointment was canceled so they wouldn't try to bill the insurance company.

So utterly miserable.
To top it all off, our fridge stopped working at some point yesterday.
Yay life.
20th-Feb-2009 01:20 am (UTC)

I hate dentists.. no really. I have yet to have a good dentist.
20th-Feb-2009 01:43 am (UTC)
yeah we gave up on "child" dentists. it's a total sham. there's nothing nice about going to a dentist so we just told her to suck it up and took her to a regular dentist. not doing it isn't an option so i told her she'd better just sit still and get it over with. she had to have 6 pulpotomies with crowns and then 8 fillings or so.
she got pretty good at sitting still but she understands that wiggling and squirming are simply unacceptable and can cause serious damage. bright side? she takes care of her teeth better now.

20th-Feb-2009 04:36 am (UTC)
Went to dentist today. Turns out right side of my mouth has extra nerve endings. 4 shots of lidocane (with epinephrine added in to torture me) Took an hour to numb me starting at 2:45pm. Everything finally wore off about 20 minutes ago. I could still feel minor sharp pain in certain spots of the tooth. Ouch!
I do like my dentist, he felt awful that he could not numb me and I refused to have more than 4 shots. Kiddo will be going to him. My need for 4 shots has more to do with my extra nerve endings AND all the dental work I had as a kid building lidocane tolerances.
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